Thank you for that moment, Valérie Trierweiler

One day, a violent love burned my life. He had four children. I had three. We decided to live together. But politics is a devouring passion. Party from far away, François Hollande was elected President of the Republic. I was sucked in his wake. Power is a test for those who exercise it, but also for theirs. At the Elysee, I often felt illegitimate.

ZUP girl in first lady: something was wrong. I learned about the unfaithfulness of the President by the press, like everyone else. The photos went around the world while I was in the hospital, under tranquilizers. And the man I loved broke with me by a statement of eighteen words that he dictated himself to AFP, as if he were dealing with a state affair. Everything I write in this book is true.

Journalist, I sometimes felt at the Elysee as in reporting. And I suffered too much from the lie to commit myself.