Adrien Bosc

On October 27, 1949, the new Air France aircraft, the Constellation, launched by the extravagant Mr Howard Hughes, welcomes thirty-seven passengers. On October 28, the plane stops responding to the control tower. He disappeared while descending on the island Santa Maria, in the archipelago of Azores.

No survivors The question posed by Adrien Bosc in this ambitious first novel is not so much how, but why? What is the sequence of tiny causalities that, put end to end, have precipitated the plane towards Mount Redondo? What is objective chance, a notion dear to the surrealists, that makes this steel tomb “necessary”? And who are the passengers?

If we know Marcel Cerdan, the boxing lover of Edith Piaf, if we remember this musician prodigy that was Ginette Neveu, part of the violin will be found years later, the author links the destinies between them.Hear the dead, write their tiny legend and offer forty-eight men and women, as constellations, life and story.