Succulent Sea Food by The Coast of The Maldivian Sea

Madivian Sea

When a traveler conjures up a vacation in Maldives, by the edge of the crystal clear ocean waters and powdery white sand and water based adventures, it is impossible to forget the prospect of some lip smacking, juicy and succulent seafood freshly drawn from the water and prepared then and there in the beach itself. From spicy to savory to crispy to oozing gravy, the seafood preparations are overwhelmingly numerous and share the fresh, natural flavor of the ocean.

A household item and regular must try for tourists is ‘Garudhiya’ a local favourite where you discover chunks of Tuna cooked and boiled in the salty water that has extracted the best flavours and mineral of tuna. Some more extra cooking of this under special conditions converts it into a thick paste known as ‘Rihaakku’ a traditional dish consumed regularly in Maldives households. One can also try the irresistible preparation of tiny chunks of fish marinated and fried with spices so that the strong flavours sting your taste buds ever so mildly as you have a crunchy bite of the fish that is completely dry. This is known as Hanakurimaas. Then there is Gulha, which is a dish prepared with the coconut, a handfull of onions and sprinkles of chilli and a zest of lime juice to cover and cook the pieces of fish.

Maldives is most but not all about fish and seafood preparations. There is even rice as an accompanying dish and meat items like Chicken or Lamb is also available. But nevertheless it is the fish, especially like Tuna and Reef fish that gets most of the attention of the cooks, and also Octupus is a very much adored delicacy that is tenderly prepared to give it the right texture of softness . The preparation of seafood are so varied, sometimes fried or babarcued and taken with some strong sauces and soft salads, or softly mingled with coconut curry and lemongrass or spicy and savory as others would desire.


Many Maldives resorts has its own set of culinary specialists who really know how to do justice to a fresh catch from the sea. Among these Kurumba Maldives takes a special place, especially with its array of heavenly villas with luxurious living space with ravishing views of the sea and sunsets that one simply cannot get enough of. From among the luxury hotels Maldives this is one name that often comes up when a dreamy vacation in these wave girt island comes to mind, especially with its refined living space, its star class comforts and its unforgettable cuisine.